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Beth Graziano: Studio Owner/Certified Pilates Instructor

Beth Graziano: Studio Owner/Certified Pilates Instructor

Studio owner and teacher Beth Graziano is classically certified and has been teaching for over 20 years.   She studied with, and received her Pilates Guild Certification in 1998 from Pilates "Elder" Romana Kryzanowska who was one of Joseph Pilates' principal proteges. Graziano had the distinct honor to be able to study with Romana from 1992-1998.  In addition to studying extensively with Kryzanowska, Graziano has also worked and studied with such renowned Pilates experts as Sari Mejia Santo, Bob Liekens, Leah Chaback-Katz, Alycea Ungaro, Ellie Herman, Shari Berkowitz and Blossom Leilani Crawford. Graziano continues to hone her skills by participating in continuing education workshops regularly.  

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Graziano studied and taught at The Movement Center, Kingston, NY, until 1999, when she left to raise a family and teach at the then newly-formed Centering Studio. Graziano took over ownership, and renamed the studio The Pilates Center in 2012, and is responsible for the initial training of many of the certified Pilates teachers currently practicing in the Hudson Valley.

Rita Loguidice: Certified Pilates Teacher,Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Rita Loguidice: Certified Pilates Teacher, Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Rita grew up as a dancer, and at the age of 18 began teaching dance and choreograph for young children. In 1983, she became a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She holds numerous other certifications including Step Areobics and Water Areobics. She is always taking continuing education classes and workshops from leading experts in the field of Pilates, such as Brooke Siler, Juliet Harvey, and Shari Berkowitz, and recently completed her full 600 hour certification with Juliet Harvey at Power Pilates.


Laura Bolukbasi: Certified Pilates Instructor

Three years ago Laura began taking pilates apparatus classes every week in hopes of resolving her chronic lower back pain. Two months later she was shocked to see how quickly her body was responding. Laura was thrilled and relieved by the physical improvements, AND really enjoyed the classes themselves. They were fun, and she felt exhilarated, like she was accessing a sacred knowledge that gave her greater power over her body. That’s when Laura officially became addicted to the Pilates Method and a newfound passion was born.


Laura yearned to learn as much as she could, to achieve even more of this power and connection. So began her journey to certification with Juliet Harvey at Beacon Pilates. As soon as she started teaching, Laura felt a deep sense of satisfaction, helping others harness that same power and mastery in their bodies. While finding a new profession was unexpected, she found teaching Pilates to be incredibly rewarding and is grateful that this brilliant method exists to help others heal themselves on their pilates journeys :) 

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